Friday, September 7, 2007

Home again

Well, we're back. Given my infrequent postings of late, I'm guessing most of you didn't even know that we had meandered off to Louisiana to visit the family of the Minotaur.

New Orleans, people. Please go. Spend money. It is so very, very empty, and even the most well preserved places have an air of an old house long abandoned. The town is a shadow of what it was, and it hurt my heart to be there.

Also, did anyone else know that Louisiana is full of GIANT SPIDERS in the summertime? I spent 4 days on the verge of throwing up. It makes no sense for an old school goth girl to be arachnophobic, but we are what we are.

The trip was less frustrating than usual, perhaps because the Minotaur was clever enough to obtain some gin immediately upon arrival. Gin helps. So does the presence of my much loved brothers in law and their wives. And oh, the children. The older ones I love for themselves, but the littlest.......I love for the sheer fact that he is a baby. A soft, pliant, fat handed, sweet smelling lap full of baby. And the Kraken actually let me hold him. Nay, encouraged it, following up with plaintive requests to take him home with us. Shows promise that my possessive little girl might be able to share after all.


I feel like this blog has taken a sideways turn of late. That all the ideas I have that would make good posts come to me only when I am miles away from the keyboard, and that what I am left with are facile recountings of my daily activities and the Kraken's clever repartee. Sound and fury, signifying nothing. I promise that I have thoughts in my head that I don't manage to convey.

My decision never to blog about work has definitely put a damper on my subject matter as well. That's where I am most hours of the week, and at this point most of my social interaction happens there as well. But, the annual beach trip is BOOKED (thanks, Sugarmama, for all the hard work as usual), and that will be something to hold in my heart and look forward to.

No word on the pregnancy front - another week before I know if the Minotaur managed to knock me up this month. So, I bought a bottle of Bombay Sapphire with the intention of enjoying my beloved gin to the fullest in anticipation of having to soon give it up.

The stupid cat is drinking out of the fishbowl.

I recently finished a book - The Shadow of the Wind. It affected me powerfully, although I have still not fully analyzed why. I think to some extent it's just the awareness of the gift that is storytelling, and how joyous it is when it's done well. The story itself is no revelation, but the relish with which it is told - I highly recommend it.

Did I mention how much I love being an aunt?

That's it. All done. More when I have shaken off the week and settled into my weekend self.