Friday, July 27, 2007

She speaks from across the ages

I know y'all all thought I had died, or at the very least joined a cult and changed my name. It's all a pack of lies. I have been thwarted from blogging by my current workload at the office plus a variety of home improvement projects. I have news.

I am 17 pounds lighter.
I am off the Pill.
The eel has disappeared from the fishtank, and we don't know where he is.

More as it happens......


cubmommy said...

Glad to know you are ok. Was wondering where you went.

How weird about your eel. Did it mutate and grow legs? Creepy.

Good luck with the baby making!!!

Congrats on the weight loss!

Sugarmama said...

I think your cats are secretly responsible for the disappearances of various aquatic life over the years. Eels are quite delicious, after all, though I usually prefer mine wrapped up with rice and seaweed with that tasty, sweet sauce on top.

Piece of Work said...

But, are you pregnant? Because . . . I AM!

Sugarmama said...

Hey, POW, that's great news! We can ALL be pregnancy buddies!

Inkling said...

That is a sinister collection of occurrences. You look great--I envy your hair. I'm looking forward to the pregnancy announcement post! And I was going to tell you, funnily, this pregnancy (my fourth) I gained the least amount of weight and have had the least trouble losing it. So it's not always worse with the next baby.