Sunday, February 10, 2008

.....And the trials of homeownership

The Minotaur, Kraken and I were enjoying a perfectly lovely, unseasonably warm day in the backyard this afternoon, pulling weeds, cleaning up pine cones, running amok (Kraken), and reveling in the combination of sunshine and bracing wind.

Then the tree came down. On the neighbor's house. Through the window into the room where their young son would have been sleeping if it had been nighttime, or even naptime. We ran to their door, but no one was home. A mercy, but it still means they'll have to come home to that. After watching the pine trees in our own back yard bending gracefully and ominously over our own house, we opted to come inside and spend the afternoon with the wii instead of the weather.

Half an hour later, we looked out, and the Kraken's Dora house (giant plastic monstrosity that it is) is not exactly we had placed it in the playyard. Neither is the 50 pound wagon. Sheesh.

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Sugarmama said...

Yeah, I was literally nearly blown off my feet in the parking lot of the drugstore yesterday afternoon. And have you ever been pelted by a windblown pine cone? OUCH! We stayed inside, too, living in a neighborhood chock full of mature pine trees.