Monday, September 1, 2008

Thin pink line

Just one. Followed by the proof, within hours of peeing on said stick. A 25 day cycle - shortest I've ever had. So, either I have two LH surges in a month, since I did get a positive LH test this month, or an 8 day luteal phase. Both would be odd, but I've given up expecting any of it to make sense.

The good news? Red wine in my hand. If I ain't pregnant, I'm having a damn drink, thank you very much.


bon said...

One crappy pink line? Chug-a-LUG my dear!

Hike back an extra one for moi, purty please.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Gah, have another one for me, would you?

My cycles keep getting shorter -- right now I'm on 24 days. I dunno if this is common at our age or my own personal screwed up, but gah again, you know?

Julia said...

Sorry chica. Guess you'll just have to have lots of sex next month.

Katherine said...

Sorry about that. Better luck next month. Meanwhile, enjoy the vino! What are you drinking? We tend toward Sauvignon Blanc in the summer (it is like 100 degrees here all the damn time) but a good Pinot Noir is nice as well.