Friday, February 9, 2007

Friday Morning

Waiting in my house for the (late) appraiser to come and tell me if my house is worth enough for the refinance that we're trying to finangle.

I've been out of pocket this week as we try to finish the remodel on the guest room before my parents arrive next weekend for a visit. It is yellow. Boy, is it yellow. I suspect that sleeping in there is going to be something like sleeping inside the sun. But, at least it no longer looks like blind monkeys painted it, so it's a start.

Last night - one of those "eh?" moments in parenting that I'm sure you've all experienced. You're on the floor, playing this game with your daughter - you stick your tongue out, and she tries frantically to grasp and pull your tongue ring out, foiled at every turn by the general sliminess of tongues, laughing hysterically and shrieking "I can't get it, I can't get it!".

Yep. A real Walton's moment, I tell you.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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bon said...

Snerk! Yeah... the girls will sit and trace my tattoos. They cannot understand for the LIFE of them why I won't let them draw on them selves with bic pens, I can tell we are gonna have fun!