Friday, February 9, 2007

It's Friday night

This evening, I asked the Minotaur to help me open a can of cat food because its handy flip top had gone awry. The Kraken saw the Minotaur executing a Mommy task, and the following hilarity ensued.

Kraken "Daddy, no. No touching"
Minotaur "Kraken,, I'm helping Mommy"
Kraken "Daddy, no. It's Mommy's turn. It's MOMMY'S TURN".
Minotaur "Kraken, Mommy needed some help. I'm helping Mommy".
Kraken "Daddy, just walk away. Just walk away!"

And no, I didn't teach her that. The joys of preschool. I spit out my drink at that last one. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I needed that today - the day itself was not one of my more stellar ones, despite a variety of positive things going on in the Gorgonverse at the moment.

Tomorrow I have a ladies' night with my regular fall beach trip crew, and I'm very much looking forward to that. Tonight, I'm mostly hoping I can shut my brain off long enough to get some sleep.


Bobita~ said...

Earlier today, at my husband's favorite sportsman store, my daughter made me very proud. She and daddy were looking at a large piece of "outdoor sportsman" art (heh.) and apparently she said, "that is a big-ass fish, daddy!!"

Um, that might be my fault. (Ooops!)

susan said...

Is there some universal preschool curriculum that we are unaware of? Curious Girl says exactly the same thing: "just walk away!"

bon said...


Just walk away!

Suburban Gorgon said...

Susan - I DO think it's a preschool thing. I am pretty sure I have heard one of the teachers say it. And I can't help it - I think it's totally hilarious.

graymama said...


That reminds me of how Buddy will have Woody touch something, and then he will say, "No touch, Woody. Look eyes."