Friday, March 30, 2007

Worst case scenario

As an arachnophobic? Getting into your car at the end of a difficult work day to find a slim stretch of spiderweb across the driver's side of your car. Because that's a 100% guarantee that there is a spider loose in your car. I barely made it home today, and I threw up a little every time I thought about it.

In other news, almost two weeks into Weight Watchers I am 6 pounds down. Still a little mean, but more manageable with some actual results to show for my sacrifice. How sad it is that the whole point of this diet is to get thin enough to get fat and pregnant again? The Kraken has asked, rather pointedly, for a sibling, and who am I to deny the needs of the Kraken?

In other, other news. Tonight, while blowing bubbles, I insinuated, playfully, that I might steal some of the beloved Minotaur's bubble stuff, while he was earnestly planting grass plugs in the side yard. The Kraken's response? Momma! You can't take Daddy's bubble stuff! No ma'am!". I don't feel at all embarrassed to say I spit out the contents of my tasty evening beverage onto the back patio, which of course resulted in "no ma'am's" right up until bedtime. Who needs a parrot when you have a two year old?

I will be back soon, in force. I am processing a lot of information, and dealing with some issues that are outside the limits of this blog, but am otherwise whole and well. My grandmother's house sold today - its own set of issues. Relief for my mother and aunt, surprising sadness that I will never set foot in it again. And I am dieting, which is never good for my psyche. Giving up cigarettes oh so many years ago was hard enough. Compromising on food seems almost inhuman. I think I'll go have another gin and (diet, yeech) tonic.


Piece of Work said...

Yay! A sibling! And maybe we can be pregnancy buddies again. enjoy that gin and diet tonic, lady!

susan said...

I see you're going to have lots of stories to tell when you get back to blogging! Trying for a sibling: wow!

bon said...

I agree, some new stories and new baby? I guess I can wait around for that, yes ma'am I think I CAN!

Seriously... keep on keepin' on! I like hearing about your dieting success. Mybe some day I'll join in.

Belle said...

That's so awesome about the weight loss! I can totally relate about your grandmother's house. My grandfather's house was sold out of our family about a year or so ago, and I am still sad about it.

cubmommy said...

I totally know where you are coming from. Had to take a break to process some things. Good luck on the baby making process.