Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting back in the groove

It's been so long since I blogged regularly, I feel a little clumsy. Like I'm learning a new language, or a new set of dance moves (the only dance I ever mastered was the washerwoman's jig, and trust me, that wasn't something you wanted to see). But I am hopeful that practice will make me, if not perfect, at least articulate again.

It's Saturday night. It's almost 11 PM. I should be sleeping, since it will only be about 8 hours before I am awakened by the dulcet tones of the Kraken shrieking Ariel's song from The Little Mermaid at levels that can be heard from space. You know, I hear other 3 year olds just get out of the bed and come to the door and come. out. of. their. rooms when they are ready to start the day. Not the Kraken. It's not her way. And it's not my way to go to bed myself when I can have a few precious moments to myself.

Another exciting day of errands is behind us. And what weekend would really be complete without a trip to Target AND a trip to Lowe's? And how in the hell can one actually spend $300 on blinds, doorknobs, hinges and light switches???? Sigh. This home improvement thing may end up costing us so much money that we have to sell the house.

I feel a little blah today. I'm sure some of it is from spending a week on tenterhooks waiting to find out why I was bleeding. The resulting relief from knowing the baby's still alive has degenerated into a general sense of low-keyness, like endorphins wearing off a few hours after a tattoo. Fortunately, SugarMama is bringing her brood to the house in the morning so that ought to liven things up. Watching her Bean and the Kraken play together is always entertaining, not least of which because of the unpredictability of it. One week they may largely ignore each other until it's time to scuffle over a toy, and another week they may sneak off into the other room to build a hydrogen bomb together.

Next week I'm going to New York for a few days for work. I am looking forward to the actual work part, but I'm traveling with a much younger (and much livelier) employee. I'm afraid she's going to be sadly disappointed at traveling with a 37 year old pregnant woman. I am not a good little shopper at the best of times. Still, I have never been to New York, oddly enough, so I'm looking forward to the experience for that reason. I've heard there are many restaurants, which is handy when one has to eat every 2 hours to avoid projectile vomiting on one's surroundings.

I am on my way to bed, my crossword puzzles calling me softly from upstairs. I leave you with this assertion from the Kraken this evening.

Kraken: "My name is [Kraken Gorgon]"
SG: "Yes, sweet girl, it is."
Kraken: "NOT Captain Crazypants. That's your name, Momma."

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Piece of Work said...

I always knew she was a smart one!