Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back again

I have been deliberately not posting for awhile, for fear of yet again letting my fertility woes take over the blog. I have a doctor's appointment next week, so hopefully that will at least lend to my situation the appearance of progress, even if nothing gets decided.

In the meantime, time marches on in the Gorgon household. As of this weekend, the Kraken has a newly decorated bedroom - we're calling it "bordello chic" for the delightful combination of grape juice purple and pepto bismol pink she picked for the walls. Two and a half days of sanding, spackling, painting, and frantically trying to keep four year old fingers off freshly wet walls. This morning? The first words out of her mouth, wearing a radiant smile all for the momma who made it happen (the Minotaur got none of the credit, having already gone to work) - "Momma! I sleeped in my new room last night!"

It was so totally worth it.

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