Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've been away awhile

So, after 4 weeks of bleeding plus some really scary drugs, I am no longer testing positive for pregnancy. Now I just have to wait to have a period before we start again. The never ending merry go round of pain.

I keep reading stories online of people who have what I have, and have started the heparin therapy and then had healthy babies after multiple losses. I don't know why I believe it won't happen to me. Maybe because the Kraken was born without any intervention, or any complications during pregnancy. Maybe because I'm tired of being told "next time it will be fine". Maybe because my biggest fear is simply that I've missed my window and that at 38 it is too. damned. late.

We'll deal with this after Christmas. I don't think I can process it now.

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cubmommy said...

Email me at and I will email back info to find me on Facebook. I didn't put my blog on there because I have high school people that I don't want finding out about it.