Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another weekend, half gone

Well, I am not pregnant. The newest medication does seem to be normalizing my cycle though - no spotting for 10 days BEFORE my period this month. Maybe we'll get lucky (heh) this next cycle, and I won't have to go in and get put on Clomid or some such. I mean, I am a woman who made twins on her own last year - what the frak will happen to me if they put me on a fertility drug??

To the promise that returning to blogging meant a reduction in obsessing about aforementioned pregnancy or lack thereof - I bring you........unrelated news!

Well, not really. Not a whole lot going on here other than the usual summertime in the South stuff. You know, multiple trips to H*me Dep*t to find ANYTHING that will keep the ()#$*%( deer out of my tomato plants so I don't have to gun down Bambi in front of my four year old. A trip to the grocery store to get candles for the Minotaur's birthday cake. The Kraken's first ever viewing of Monsters Inc. (the highlight of the weekend thus far - no princesses!) A little romp through the backyard in a bathing suit (the Kraken, not me. I don't want to scare the neighbors).

So, you know. Nothing new. Just all the stuff that, mushed together, makes up our lives. And it is some seriously good stuff.


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Inkling said...

that is some awfully cute hair on that girl.