Saturday, December 9, 2006


Man, nothing puts a damper on your holiday spirit like a big batch of gingerbread cookie dough sticking resolutely to your countertop instead of rolling smoothly out for cutting. Eh. At least I think that means I get to eat the dough.

December 9th already. Doesn't seem possible that this year has gone as quickly as it has. Or that I have only two more weeks before heading out to see extended family for the holidays. I just love spending hours on the plane with a 2 year Kraken. Hopefully she will at least keep her frustrations in our aisle - on a recent long car trip she grew so frustrated with being contained that the minute she was freed from the vehicle, she took a swipe at a passing waitress, probably guaranteeing that someone in the kitchen spit in our food.

Overall I feel very prepared. A few odds and ends left to buy, some boxes to mail, but otherwise I am completely done with shopping and associated craft projects. This year saw an uptick in our usual decorating level, what with the Kraken being old enough to notice and all. The Minotaur could not give one rat's posterior whether or not I even put up a tree, but is smart enough to keep his mouth shut about it. And the effect all the Christmas bling is having on the Kraken is well worth the annoyance of lugging all this crap out of boxes in the garage, and knowing that just a few short weeks will find me lugging it all back OUT to the garage after it's all over. Wouldn't it really just be better if we had press on walls, and we could just stick the Christmas one over the real one and then take it off after the holidays? I would enjoy that. Also, I thought we were all supposed to have hovercrafts and transporters by now anyway - expectations for this century were clearly set inappropriately. All I've got is a lousy robot vacuum, and she won't even feed the cats.


mc said...

Oh man, the minute you invent those press-on walls, you let me know. We haven't even put the Xmas bling up yet; D brought it in from the garage today, which is one step forward, and the tree has been procured and is sitting undecorated on the front porch. But Ess will hardly notice it, and I am oh so tired. Yes, seems like an awful lot of work this year.

cubmommy said...

I hate dragging everything out to decorate then taking it all down. I wish they made press on walls.

inkling said...

Your robot-vacuum has a gender? Or did I read that wrong?

I want a holodeck for Christmas. And maybe holographic walls in the living space too--that would surely make decorating simpler.

Suburban Gorgon said...

LOL. My robot vacuum is named Lucille. After the old Kenny Rogers song.