Friday, December 15, 2006


Do any of the rest of you watch that show? I admit myself completely addicted to a television experience, for the first time since the last of the Joss Whedon shows went off the air. Not since Archie Bunker has a character been so reprehensible and still so very appealing. My Friday nights consist of 4 hours of Netflix viewing, shamelessly lounging on the sofa. I look forward to it all. week. long.

One week before we start the whirlwind holiday tour of family and friends. (I think) I am almost ready.


oshee said...

I love this show too. It is amazing how much you can like such a grump.

Piece of Work said...

I've been addicted to House since it started. Brilliant.

bon said...

I adore it.... Dadguy is baffled.

graymama said...

Hubby and I are also House watchers. We just love how blunt he is.

Of course, Buddy gets a little confused because he also played the dad in Stuart Little :-P