Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Random Wednesday Musings (it is Wednesday, isn't it?)

So. Why would a child who has been in a listless puddle on the sofa all morning, plucking at her toy necklace and drinking from the proferred cup only when a Momma Gorgon begs, suddenly at naptime summon the energy to pound the walls loudly enough to be heard in the driveway, while singing "Gabba Gabba Hey" at the top of her lungs?

Any ideas from the parenting world?

I'm at home this morning, obviously. The Minotaur is going to take the afternoon shift. The dreaded pus filled ear has struck again. Guess those tubes aren't working so well after a year, huh? At least the decongestant the doc started her on finally seems to have kicked in last night, meaning that she did NOT wake sobbing every 20 minutes like she did the two previous nights.


Gorgons are terrible multitaskers. I completely forgot when I started this post that I had pine nuts toasting on the stove. Fortunately, no fire to speak of, and they're not even that burnt.

I feel horribly out of touch lately. Christmas is taking up more of my brain than I can usually allocate to anything, and the Kraken's unexpected illness isn't helping either. I feel like I can barely manage to get my teeth brushed, my shoes put on, and enough product in my hair to keep it from looking like a duck's hindquarters. And yes, for those of you who know me in the real world, I am self-aware enough to know that my standards for staying ahead are just short of ridiculous. However, I am compulsive enough to not be able to actually do anything about that. So, I am living in a strange state of suspended anxiety, as I recognize that I'm trying to do too much, but unable to quell the desire to do so.

I think that kid is building a hydrogen bomb up there. She's in a stinking crib, for pity's sake. What in the world can all that thumping be? It's not like we put 2 by 4's in easy reach of the slats........


Piece of Work said...

Oh so sorry about the pus-filled ears. Sick kids are no fun at all.

I am with you on the plate is too full thing. I don't know how ANYONE blogs in December. I haven't taken a shower in two days, and I'm not even working.

cubmommy said...

Sorry to hear about your little ones ears. That stinks so close to Christmas. I hope she gets better really soon.

My kids when they are sick are always listless in the morning then get a second wind and want to run all over. By bedtime they are whiny again. Don't know why they do this.

heidi said...

Ummm Amy you better take a shower before we hang out for your birthday tomorrow.

Yay, Gorgon you're not gone! Missed you! Thanks for the love. Isn't it great!

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