Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The holidays have swallowed me whole

And I'm not even one of those people like my cousin Euridice, who sends out little care packages to everyone in the frickin' family every year with random assorted holiday goodies. I mean, good grief - the woman is so together she makes me look like a slovenly slobbering slattern slouched on the sofa.

Despite my only marginal efforts towards contributing to the holiday spirit of others, I find myself overwhelmed with a personal to do list that rivals the one I normally carry at the office.

1. The Minotaur signed us up to bake cookies for the Kraken's preschool.
2. I need to do some kind of holiday baking for people at said office.
3. I have to pick up the Kraken's 2 year photos from the studio, frame them, wrap them, and get them off in the mail, masquerading as Christmas presents.
4. I actually DID holiday cards this year, complete with picture of the Kraken. A miracle to rival a virgin birth. Nevertheless, they just won't go on and mail themselves.
5. I have random goodies to make for the Kraken's teachers to go in their holiday bags. My newest hobby (of about a year now) is making beauty products, and really, who complains about beauty products?
6. I have boxes to pack up and ship to at least three more locations.
7. I need to write up instructions for SugarMama so that when she enters my abode while I'm gone the police won't come arrest her for setting off the burglar alarm.

Sheesh. When is a Gorgon supposed to do her roots so the snakes will be all one color again?

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Piece of Work said...

Hey--did you know you can BUY beauty products at Target? Or better yet, purchase a starbucks gift card? Teachers love that. ;) Just kidding, Kris Kringle!