Sunday, June 1, 2008

6 weeks, 2 days

Like the flipping of a switch, at 6 weeks exactly my stomach decided to register its protest against the world. On Friday, at work, I had to make a very melodramatic exit from a meeting to kneel on the floor in the bathroom, barfing up my lunch. MUCH to the entertainment of my colleagues. "Did you blow chunks?", asked my boss, snickering as he said it. Which I will get him back for at the first available opportunity.

I honestly don't remember if I was this queasy with the Kraken - it was over four years ago. I know I was nauseous with her most of the first trimester. But I know it didn't happen with the baby I lost in January. I felt pretty good most of that 8 1/2 weeks, and now I wonder if that wasn't an indicator that something was wrong from the beginning.

I am suddenly mostly sick all day - sometimes it even wakes me up in the middle of the night. I am exhausted enough that yesterday I took my first nap since the Kraken was newborn, 3 1/2 years ago. I didn't even DO anything around the house yesterday, a state of affairs that will be shocking to those that know me in 'real life'. I cannot walk down the aisle with the cleaning products in the store without retching from the godawful stink of them. My breasts feel like someone has been hitting them with garden trowels. And yesterday at Costco? I saw a woman with a baby in a carrier, and the tears just rolled down my face. And yes, the Minotaur laughed at me. Like he always does.

In 1 more day, I will be past the point where the trouble started with the last pregnancy, my next milestone to monitor. I am completely. fucking. miserable. And I am unbelievably grateful.

3 comments: said...

Your misery and elation are both certainly understandable! Just take it easy, and do what your body tells you. I know you knew that already, but I felt compelled to say it anyway!

bon said...

Oy! The six week mark, almost to the miserable day was the mark for me as well. And I 100% get your elation and misery as well.


Sugarmama said...

Um yeah. Color me completely shocked that you didn't get anything done this weekend! But if you make it through a weekend without making it to Costco...well, then I KNOW you're feeling bad.