Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm not sure how best to convey the results of my first OB appointment. Perhaps a written reenactment?

Dr. Fabulous Woman: Okay, Gorgon. Let's do an ultrasound. After last time I know you want to go home for the weekend with a heartbeat in your head.

Gorgon: You rock! Thanks!

Dr. Fabulous Woman: Okay. Well, I see the heartbeat, looks about right for 8 weeks. Let's measure. Yep, that looks about right too. Well, I would have to say everything looks pretty good. Wait. (peers closely at screen). *Long pause.* Well, Gorgon. There's just one thing.

Gorgon: (trying not to vomit). What is it?

Dr. Fabulous Woman: I think maybe I see two of them.

Gorgon: HUH?

And lo, two hours and a high definition ultrasound down the hall later, she was quite right, although the US techs couldn't believe she'd seen it on the little portable deal she was using. I am going to have twins. Fraternal twins, best they can tell this early in the game. The right size for where I am, and my body is "adjusting to the task of bearing multiples beautifully". Otherwise known as the. fact. that. you. are. visibly. pregnant. at. 8. weeks is NORMAL.

I am not sure how I feel yet. Joyous that the babies are healthy thus far, but shellshocked at the prospect of how we're going to pay for it all. I can't go there yet. I need a weekend to process the fact that it's happening.

The response from the Minotaur? "I'm not sure I know how to respond to that yet". I hear that, my love. Me neither.


bon said...


Ohhhhh! WOW! I am gonna settle on "Congratulations" even though if our situations were reversed? I'm not altogether sure I'd be ready to accept congratulations just yet. Eventually you will be ready for them, and I mean them, sooooo....


Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh. my. god. Wow. Congratulations and omg some more.

Inkling said...

Oh my goodness! When it rains it pours! I was just talking to a mother of six month old fraternal boys last week--they were adorable, and she was telling me all the cute ways they interact, how they have to know where the other one is, how they watch each other in their cribs, how they manhandle each other and don't mind. She said yeah, it's challenging, but she has been able to handle it all right (and she works full time and has a three year old). So, hey, someone else out there is doing it, you will be able to also! And just think, two for one!

devilish southern belle said...

Congrats! I am SO happy for you! Twins? Wow. Yay!


DimeADanceQueen said...

holy moly!! what were you eatin' for breakfast?!!
I'm so happy for you!!

susan said...

OMG!!! Wow. Just Wow.

cubmommy said...

Shut up! Twins? Congratulations. I am so happy for you!

oshee said...

oh wow! congratulations...twins..

Sugarmama said...

See, the kind of story that inkling was talking about is what I've heard, too. I'm still SO EXCITED for you! Hope you're adjusting okay...?