Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6 weeks, 5 days

Huzzah! The milestone is past. I must still be pregnant, because seriously? I don't remember ever feeling this lousy. I have to think I probably did with the Kraken - the Minotaur claims memory loss on the subject, but he usually does when he's afraid there's a "wrong" answer to my question that might result in me spending the next 1/2 hour explaining to him why it was the wrong answer. Heh.

But I don't remember. I know I didn't feel this way with the one I lost in January, because I actually got on a plane and then walked around NYC all afternoon. I can barely make it to the bathroom and the mailbox right now.

All right, I've said it before, I don't want this blog to turn into "The Gorgon obsesses obsessively about her pregnancy". In other news, the Kraken knocked a tooth loose at preschool on Monday, and now it's not positioned the same way it was before - it's a little farther back in the gum. The Minotaur got fairly peeved with me for suggesting that her new look was a little on the redneck side, but it kind of is, and I didn't say it in front of her. At least it's a baby tooth. And she's not screaming in agony every time she puts a cup to her lips or food in her mouth anymore. My poor little baby. For a princess, she sure does get banged up a lot. We buy bandaids in bulk.

Finally, for a complete non-sequiter. The forecast for tomorrow? 97 degrees. It's JUNE, people, not August. This is completely ridiculous. I'm thinking of writing a strongly worded letter.

6 comments: said...

Awww, poor Kraken! Glad that the milestone has passed for you, too. It must be a huge relief! But I do hope you feel better soon!

It's going to be about 94 here tomorrow. We really only got a few days of in-between weather...just a few weeks ago I was freezing at the ball park! | email

bon said...

Ugh! Isn't it so funny... this thing you have desired and craved so badly is now kicking your can so completely. Is there such thing as grateful nausea?

We are currently having to run our heater at night, it is raining and COLD out there!

Piece of Work said...

Go baby go! I don't understand morning sickness at all. I wa horribly sick with isaac, not sick at all with Vivian, sick as a dog with my pregnancy last summer and then only sort of sick with the most recent pregnancy. (The first two early miscarriages I wasn't sick at all). So I don't really believe that being really sick always = healthy baby OR that not being sick always=impending miscarriage. Though it sure does sometimes. What I do know is that there is nothing worse. Being that sick is completely debilitating. Lie around in bed as much as you can, that's my advice!

Bobita~ said...

Although this is not true for everyone, my pregnancies are very different depending upon the sex of the child in my womb. Girl pregnancies are very, very nasty to me. Boy pregnancies are very pleasant.

So, if this pregnancy is very different than with the might be feasible to entertain the possibility that there is a little Prince occupying your uterus. :)

Congrats, again!

cubmommy said...

YAY another milestone! I am rooting for you!

Sugarmama said...

I would find it so hilarious if you had a "little Prince" this time around! And I think your memory is accurate, that you weren't nearly this sick with Miss K. For whatever reason.

Speaking of which, poor kiddo! You didn't mention that at brunch yesterday, but that's big news! She must've whacked it pretty hard.