Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free as a bird

In anticipation of potentially losing about 4 weeks of vacation time at the end of the year because I am too stupid to remember to go on vacation, I have decided to start taking long weekends every month. I am off today and tomorrow, and the luxury of four. days. in a row is almost more than I can process. Especially since I decided to send the Kraken on to preschool today and tomorrow.

So, this morning I've done two loads of laundry, cleaned up the back porch, done all the weeding in the back yard, thought about the weeding in the front yard and decided that was a little too ambitious for today (there are more weeds than actual plants), and it's only 9:40. If only I had my normal energy level, I feel sure I could conquer the world by Sunday evening.

Instead, I think I'll meander back outside and do a little bit more yardwork, then come in and sit on my butt. For an extended period of time. With books.

Now that's my idea of a vacation.


bon said...

o mah hell.


It's like winning the flippin' lottery!

Suburban Gorgon said...

That's right, baby!

devilish southern belle said...

My idea of a good time, too! So glad you are getting some time to yourself :)


Sugarmama said...

Definitely sounds more relaxing than mine at the beach this week! How 'bout we get together on one of your long weekends, huh? I feel like I haven't seen you in ages!