Monday, August 11, 2008


Inconclusive is really frakking annoying.

Uterus is not scarred. Good news. Uterus is oddly potato shaped. Relevant? Unknown.

Fallopian tubes did not fill with dye. Blocked? How could that be the problem, when getting pregnant was not what I was having trouble with? Sometimes, apparently, the tubes get cranky about the dye and close right up. Again, a problem? Unknown.

And no clear resolution in sight, either. I must return in a week's time to have a follow up appointment, and schedule an ultrasound. What that's supposed to tell us, I have no clue.



bon said...


Happy crappy.

I am still rooting for the "lightning" theory anyways.

Piece of Work said...

Oh lady. that is so frustrating.

graymama said...

You went to these health professionals for their opinion. They gave it to you. Thankfully there is nothing obviously wrong, but that doesn't answer your desperate WHY?

I remember those feelings of frustration and failure. That is when I turned to Mayan Abdominal and Uterine Massage. I don't know if it helped me have my silly kiddo or not, but I do know that it helped me heal and let go of the search for an answer to my "Why?" You could consider it. As you have said, your uterus has done her job just fine to give you one sweet child, so she should be able to do it again.

Keep the hope alive! {{{{always HUGS}}}}