Friday, August 15, 2008

New addiction

Okay, now I know why I resisted the lure of F@c3book for as long as I did. It's like crack, without the social stigma.

It's also the opposite of high school, wildly delightful in and of itself. I joined after repeated harassments from multiple sources. That was 3 days ago. I now have 53 friends, most of whom appeared on their own, out of the woodwork. Ghosts from my past. Friends I haven't spoken with in years. It's enough to make a girl giddy!

And also, apparently, enough to make her forget she had a blog for several days. Whoops.


Piece of Work said...

I just joined too. But I'm more of a skeptic than you: I have all these friend requests from people I knew, way back when, but wasn't really friends with. So now I'm supposed to make them my "friend"? Even if we weren't before? It seems so odd. And I keep wondering,so what do you get if you have the most "friends"? Because it seems like that's the point for some people.

On the other hand, it has been REALLY fun to see where some of the people I've lost touch with are. I love getting friend requests from old friends I haven't seen or heard from in years!

HalfJax said...

WITCH!!! You're a WITCH!!!

All your fault I say... ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

I know, I know, it has nothing to do with this entry... Just thought I'd come in and bug you a bit.

Oh... and to say Hi.


devilish southern belle said...

Heh, I just can't seem to get into Facebook, although most people love it. I do like going and finding people I went to school with, though...the ones whose profiles I can see, that is. I have no desire to friend any of them.

I am glad you found some of your old friends, though!

Sugarmama said...

Ha! I just this minute posted about the exact same thing! Guess who friended me yesterday, totally out of the blue--Katri!